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3rd-Jul-2008 07:48 am - Infection
Name :: Infection
Date :: July 3, 2008
Mun :: hikaru_maxwell
Muse :: Park Haneul, Shim Changmin
Note :: In this 'verse, Chihiro Onitsuka is a songwriter, but does not sing her own work....>.> Words in Japanese are indicated with [text]. Monologue-ish.

The fragments of my heart glittering all around me....Collapse )
4th-Mar-2007 06:16 am - Fly Away, Love
Date :: March 3rd to 4th, 2007 (Backdated)
Muns :: Hikaru_Maxwell, pyro_o
Muses :: Haneul, Jaejoong 
Summary :: Continued from this entry. After their first fight, the relationship between Jae and Eul starts to heat up.
Rating :: R for...sexual situations? er...yeah. don't ask. I reread the logs, and it was REALLY late at night, and neither mun was in her right mind. so....be warned.  

(Y’all know the drill. Alternating bold and standard text for differing POV's. Any foreign language text will be indicated thusly: [Japanese], {Mandarin})

Sometimes the heat burns slow, and sometimes, it's a flash fireCollapse )
3rd-Jul-2008 04:45 am - [Mod] Grand Re-Opening?
window ljk
A grand...or rather....not-so-grand, since the only mun right now is me, and the muses are...well, my Changmin, HanEul, and SooMan Lee.  Yes.  But this does mean that the community is opening again, and that a post should (will) be made at least once a month for each of my muses.  

I'll be kicking off this party, or rather, breathing life in, by posting the rest of the Jae/Eul log and also a new log detailing what has become of her and Min since then.  
The Jae/Eul will be backdated to the day after the original post.  Hopefully the system will add it in the correct place, as well. 

Thank you. 

And a side note: Chihiro Onitsuka has been replaced.  >.>  This is a slightly AU dramaverse of Vacation, since Changshik exists...so.....yeah. <.<
18th-Dec-2007 01:48 am(no subject)
window ljk
As you can probably tell, this community has died a somewhat dishonorable death, in that the moderator (me) and her frequent trips to the hospital and subsequent video game addiction basically killed it. I'm sorry. I do plan to revive it....just as soon as I beat Xenosaga 3. I know, video games should not be more important than roleplaying but....but....I wanna see what chaos looks like in Flawless mode! *begs for forgiveness*

Also, if anyone wants to get ahold of me and I'm NOT answering on MSN, I'm probably playing Xenosaga 3 or playing Phantasy Star Universe. If anyone has this game set up for network on PC or PS2...my Gamertag and main username is HwaYunhae. XD
16th-Apr-2007 02:27 pm - [Mod] Updating
window ljk
Please at least post one log per character per month. We'd love it you Rp'd more than that, but we at absinthe do understand that life gets in the way. Which is WHY we are simply requesting one log per character per month. Thank you.
7th-Mar-2007 09:04 pm(no subject)

Date: March 3, 2007
Muns: s7nluv, hikaru_maxwell, pyro_o
muses: changshik, changmin, jaejoong, haneul

Blue = Changshik, Red = Jaejoong, bolded red = Auntie (changmin's mother), purple = Changmin, bolded purple = Haneul

3rd-Mar-2007 06:28 am(no subject)
Date: February 15th, 2007
Muses: Haneul Park, Kim Jaejoong
Muns: hikaru_maxwell, pyro_o

bold is Haneul, standard is Jae. you know the drill.

3rd-Mar-2007 11:46 am(no subject)
Date: March 3rd, 2007
Muns: lucky_junsu, yunnie_ho
Muses: Junsu, Yunho

(i hope im doing this correctly >__<)
(and this one is short...)

standard = Yunho
bolded = Junsu

3rd-Mar-2007 03:01 am - A Broken Heart Is Easy To Steal
Date: January 29th, 2007
Muns: s7nluv, dhbada
Muses: Hyungjoon, DongHae

(Yes =.=; 'tis horribly backdated T_T; it's supposed to be the day/night after the eul/hyungjoon incident)

< bold HyungJoon, standard DongHae >

A Broken Heart Is Easy To StealCollapse )
2nd-Mar-2007 09:00 pm(no subject)
» 1년 後
Muse's name: Kim Ryeowook
Mun's name: Olivia
Occupation: Singer
MSN: ryeomin@hotmail.com
AIM: x phantominn

Kim Ryeowook was pulled from his ordinary life when he was called to join Super Junior, a new group being formed by SM Entertainment, at the last minute. Due to some personal issues, SM explained, he was to replace a member and join right before Super Junior debuted. The pressure to memorize dance routines, become thinner, and to fill the spot the ex-member had left for him stressed his and his eating habits evaporated until he was left with a thin thin face with two trademark cheekbones sticking out.

Ryeowook would appear quiet at first glance, but once he becomes friends with another, his real personality comes out. He is very hyper at heart when around someone who is calm and is a very trusting person. He tends not to talk to people he doesn't know, instead keeping to himself. When left alone, he tends to think too much and likes to sing to himself rather than listen to silence.

Ryeowook is a touchy-huggy person, he loves to show his love and is always happy when someone returns the gesture. He considers Super Junior his family and although he doesn't look like it, would fight to protect them anyday.

[*killself* gomen for stupidity. D:]
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